RDT – G3 Event Entry

Information on how to register for RDT(G3) Events –

All players must complete form one below to be entered into an event. To finalize your entry into event payment must be sent PayPal, (NO COMMENTS) to kimberlyann14369@yahoo.com  . (Crescent Crystal)

Also all players must check their rankings on this site to verify they/team are under the event cap. Players are always required to use whatever their highest MPR stats are from last 6 months from TOC League, local leagues, or current Hot Button averages. If a player has an established RDT average and listed on the RDT rankings list they are allowed to use just that rating.


FORM 1: Click here to fill out the Team information that displays on the Event / Captains List

PAYMENT UPDATE!!! FOR PAYMENT SEND PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY (NO COMMENTS) TO kimberlyann14369@yahoo.com (Copy PayPal email and enter into your PayPal account to send)






Current Signups: Click here to see an up to date list of current entries for the RDT – G3 Events

Form 1 link to sign your team up for the RDT QUADS EVENT  on 2/19/2022 RDT Remote Quads (4 player) Event

Team Entry $160 – (Bounty Optional for $40 per team)


We will not tolerate name calling and being disrespectful to other players on our page. If you do this you will be removed from the group and will not be allowed to post or see other comments, posts, events etc. We spend around 2 hours every day updating and checking all players averages. We do our best to regulate all players. If you feel someone is cheating or you know they have a higher rating then the cap, the only thing you need to do is send us a message with players name, event they are in and the reason your sending it to me. We will then do more research than what we already do to verify that player. All players have great games and if you get beat you get beat. Treat all players in RDT like you would at your local event with everyone in the same room. Just because we are remote and not face to face with most everyone playing doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful.

– All players need to have their nicknames changed on their Hot Buttons to FIRST and LAST names.

BOUNTY UPDATE!!! All RDT Events! Half the bounty pot per team going to the team that beats them on the winners side, the other half goes to the team that knocks them out of the tournament on the losers side.

– To get into the bracket for your event you go to tournament mode and then Tournament King Online (if your hot button will not let you in, do not use it and manually enter your Bull Shooter email and password on the board to get into your bracket, this must be the same email that you sent me on the registration form associated with your Bull Shooter account).
The Bull Shooter app for both iPhone and Android now has a QR scanner built in. In the top right corner of the iPhone app there’s a picture of the QR scanner that you just have to press and it will log you in automatically when you are entering the brackets. In the top right corner of the Android app there’s the 3 dots that you select and the pick QR scanner and then it will automatically log you in the brackets. If your unable to log into the RDT Brackets using your button please use this method and it will let you in. Everyone should have this installed on their phone to avoid any issues getting in the bracket. Even having a Hot Button, at times the board will not read it correctly and this is another way you can enter when your button doesn’t work. 

– During the diddle process the bullseye is allowed but it is on split bull. Also For the diddle anyone on your team can throw, if it is a tie the same person can throw again if you choose. During the actual game you must follow and the player the board says is up must be the one throwing, if not your team will be forfeited.

– Forfeit Rules – Everyone must be logged into your board 10 minutes before start of event and fix any issues that you may be having with boards, hot buttons, connection issues, etc. At start time if you are up in the first round you need to be in and ready to start right at start time. If you are not and your opponent is waiting for you, they need to call you from the captain phone number list in the emails sent out, you have 5 minutes to get into board from this time. If you are not in after 5 minutes they will send me a screen shot of the call to you and you will be forfeited unless there is an issue being worked out which you will have an additional 5 minutes before the forfeit. I will need a message with reason why the extra time was allowed.
We now have access to view when players are logged in to their matches, anyone in the first round who isn’t logged in and started within 10 minutes of start times will be forfeited. Also please pay attention to brackets as we will forfeit teams if they are not logged in and started if they are behind in the bracket.
Forfeit Camera Issues – Both cameras are required to be in working order and players are to show up early enough to play a game and verify their cameras are working. At times one camera will go out and will show a black screen. If this happens while you are playing someone, take a picture of the screen showing the black screen and this will also show both names that is logged in playing on the screen. Then contact your opponent from the captains list phone numbers located in your emails (if you don’t see this in your main folder, check spam folder) and let them know they need to unplug their board to reboot. They can do this right away and when board comes back up, after logging back in it will take you back to the same spot your match was at before the reboot. If the camera still does not work take one more pic of the screen and at this time they will have 5 minutes to move to another board/location to finish the match. If they are unable to do this they will be forfeited.

– If you and your opponent are both stuck on the green spinning screen saying waiting on match but shows your/teams both in and not starting match, you will have to unplug and reboot both boards, then log back in. If you get kicked out of a match due to connection issues you can reboot your board and log back in and it will take you right back to where you left off.

Thanks everyone for playing RDT, have fun and good luck. Most importantly show good sportsmanship to all players/opponents and our staff here at RDT.


Most all issues, problems, questions, etc. can be answered in the above comment in this post, in your emails, or at the top of the Facebook page. Please read through that information so you understand our rules and procedures. Please don’t send us personal messages over and over again how you lost to a team that shot over cap. We regulate averages and adjust weekly. Most all players playing tonight has played in several RDT events and their averages are correct. Please remember that it’s ok to have great games and possibly two in a row. If you get beat you get beat. Not one time in the last several months and since we started tracking averages have we had a 6.0 plus avg team win a 5.0 event. We do a great job with averages and update accordingly. Good luck to everyone tonight and thanks for playing. Everyone have some fun  😊