To complete payment and registration for a RDT-Gran Board Event you will need to complete form one and form two below. You will also need to have a registered account at www.challonge.com to be able to move each match along as you complete a round. Fill out form one to start, then click on the entry list link below, you should see your name there. Once there are 3 players/teams in your event fill out form two here, then to complete registration your bracket will be posted on our Facebook page RDT-GRAN BOARD close to start time of event. You will need to click on your bracket once posted and enter yourself into the bracket. You will start once the admin comments bracket is live in the comment section of your bracket. More information and rules posted below.

To Register for RDT Gran Board Event fill out these two forms –

FORM ONE – https://forms.gle/1s9APX5yDgR9HzaDA

FORM TWO – https://www.123formbuilder.com/form-4602337/form

CAPTAINS LIST AND CURRENT UPDATED ENTRY LIST FOR EACH DAILY EVENT https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hEEK9MWt9nJn2XTXBAi9c5e63cLJuSfQ3sZoONz52i8/edit?usp=sharing

Brackets are limited to first 16 players to register. Players must have a valid Gran Board ID, a Valid Challonge ID and be a member of our Facebook Group RDT-Gran Board. You must be logged into Challonge during event and winning player of the match will go into bracket and move themselves to the next round. It will automatically place loser of the match where they belong in the bracket.

Cameras must work properly and have a clear image of the player throwing or a clear image of the board.

All players must remain respectful to others and all admins in charge. Communication will be done at this time on our Facebook page. Any questions, assistance, or match issues can be posted on the page and an admin will assist. Anyone posting anything disrespectful about RDT, Staff or any players will be removed from event without a refund, be removed from our group and will be banned from any future RDT Events.

Absolutely no finger tapping boards for a missed dart or a dart that didn’t register. Simply push the button and move on. Failure to follow this rule will be a forfeit with no refund. 

Any player suspected of cheating or being disrespectful to another player will be suspended or banned from all of RDT Events.

Once event starts there will be a 5 minute forfeit rule in effect, if you are not started within 5 minutes of being up each round and your opponent is waiting you will be forfeited. 

Winner of each game should be the one to select rematch of the next match, this will ensure that the correct player starts and in the tie breaker the winner of previous will be able to select random start to make last game fair as to who starts.

Everyone must understand that at times there is internet, app, software and board issues. During any of these times please remain respectful to all involved. We will always be working on issues to better this for our players. 

Players are required to play a game before tournament starts to make sure their internet connection and board is working correctly.

If board, app or internet issues happen while you are playing and you can’t get the issue resolved within a few minutes it will be a forfeit and no refund will be issued.

Additional information will be posted when the bracket is ready and posted on the Facebook page.