RDT Information-Rules

Information about Remote Dart Tournaments

New Players are required to always use highest stats from previous 6 months from Local Leagues and/or Tournaments, or Online Leagues and/or Tournaments! No exceptions! Failure to use the highest stats from any of the above will result in forfeit! RDT verified players are only required to use their overall RDT average from the player ranking database.

Before starting a tournament all players must confirm their phone number is correctly listed on the captain list. If RDT admins or opposing teams, need to contact you, this phone number will be used. This number is only to be used in situations where there is technical equipment issues or your unable to find your opponent.

The captain list is can be found on the Daily Sign-ups link, located in the G3 tab, below registration Form 1. If contact info needs changed or corrected, please contact the daily admin. Admin and contact information is listed on the header below the event registration forms on the Daily Signup Sheet.

Once all players are registered, the brackets will be generated through the Arachnid Software and sent to all G3 Boards. You can access your bracket on any G3 Board by going to tournament mode on the board then Tournament Leader (TKO). Then by scanning the boards QR code with your Bullshooter Live app, or manually logging into board using email and password, you will then be able to access any matches available.

The bracket is found in your Bullshooter Live app. It will also be posted on our Facebook page – Remote Dart Tournaments (RDT G3) – All Players need to be ready to start on time. Players need to follow bracket and play any available match right away. The board will not show any matches for the event if you are on a bye. Check the bracket and make sure you are entered, and verify where your starting if the board does not show any available matches.

Best of 5 / Best of 3 on the post means that the winners bracket will be race to 3 games and losers bracket will be race to 2 games.

All players that place in the money must send a team picture to the RDT Admin in charge that night to receive their winnings. If a player/team fails to send in a team picture, within 48 hours of when the tournament ends, they will forfeit their winnings.  RDT also at anytime, if further verification is needed of a player, can ask for a government issued photo ID of any players that place in the money before they receive their winnings.

Bounty Update!!! All RDT Events! Half the bounty pot per team going to the team that beats them on the winners side, the other half goes to the team that knocks them out of the tournament on the losers side.​ If the bounty pot exceeds 250 for doubles or 175 for singles, 25% will be held to start the bounty pot the following week. Any new player 6pt+ bust pots and any other player pot forfeits will also be transferred to the bounty the following week.

Tournament Rules

Players are not allowed to push or count a dart that was miscounted or not counted at all, due to a board malfunction. Always play remote games in our events as board never lies. DO NOT EVER TAP A DART IN, IF IT DIDN’T COUNT PUSH THE PLAYER CHANGE BUTTON FIRST AND THEN PULL YOUR DARTS.

Expected etiquette: Remote Dart Tournament team rules regarding good sportsmanship apply. We will not tolerate poor sportsmanship or unethical conduct and will take action wherever appropriate. Negative, aggressive or abusive behavior of any kind will result in disciplinary action and/or expulsion from any future remote events. ​​

We will not tolerate sandbagging, if you are caught sandbagging or cheating you will be banned from any future RDT events. Your average on your Bullshooter Live account must be accurate and used at all times, and you must have at least 10 remote games each, in 501 and Cricket, registered on your Bullshooter Live account before signing up for one of our events.

Arachnid Bullshooter G3 Dart Boards

Remote dart tournaments are played on any G3 dartboard that is available, at the time of tournaments.

Location and the G3 Machine are selected by players. Prior to starting your event, please confirm your connection to ensure remote play is working. Each player is expected to arrive early and to play at least one casual remote game to ensure connectivity to internet is constant and trouble free. There is also a “test camera” option programmed into most boards.

Tournament play is not held up for machine internet connection issues. If you are playing a match and you or your opponent loses internet connection, please call or message each other and try to resolve by reconnecting and resuming, as close as possible, to where you left off. If your unable to resolve the issue, the person or team that lost connection will receive the loss and the other team will continue on.


All cameras must be working at all times. If you place in an event and earn a payout, we need to verify all of your matches with the video feed or you will not be paid for the place win.

If you can’t see your opponent, you need to contact them using the captains phone number. 


What do you do if your opponent’s camera is black?
1. Walk up and hit the UP arrow freezing the match – this is super important to do before any other step.
Never let the game keep going while you are calling opponents or admin. Always freeze the match, handle the issue respectfully, then continue the match.
2. Call the opponent and let them know their camera feed is not streaming to your board. Stay on the phone with your opponent for the rest of the process.
3. Both teams need to power cycle their boards – this clears the stored cash, restarts power to all the internal components, and will usually fix the issue.
This should be done when you first get to the location avoiding needing to do it mid-tournament. Power cycling is turning off the board at the switch or unplugging the power supply.
4. When the machines come back on, you are right at the same point in the event, logged in. Wave at each other in the camera and resume the match.
If the camera is still not working, then you need to move to another board. Turn off the board you are currently logged into. Do not back out (arrow down – player forfeit) and log in to a different machine. If says you are still logged into your other machine, you have to disconnect the ethernet line as well.
When you log in, it will ask you if you want to start a new match – resume the old match, sending the same notification to the opponent. Select resume old match and continue.


Ask to join Remote Dart Tournament Group Page.

RDT Event Administrators will post details and instructions about an event that may differ from the website rules and policies. This will keep you up to date with the current event of the day. Any of the “special instructions” may differ slightly from what is listed below. These instructions are vital to running a smooth event for all players and will be the hard set policy adjustment for the event. Stay on top of information governing the event your registered for.

You need to review all the information on this page, the Tab with your board platform, and the information provided on the registration FORM 1. They are short reads but very important information. This information will help you understand how to sign up, when to contact admin, when to contact your opponent, how to check your equipment and connections, what are the simple forfeit rules, and how to avoid disqualifying you or your partner. Most importantly, how to navigate the online tournament process so you can enjoy your event.

Verifying highest known stats. You need to get a screenshot of your league sheet, tournament roster, or online stat record to the daily admin to verify your stats. It needs to have the company as well as the date. Player ratings are determined by using the highest PPD and MPR found from qualifying league and tournament play. MPR x 10 PPD = Rating. We round down .49 and up .50.

A rating is an middle statistic average of skill over a series of games. Your highest-known-stats rating is the lowest you can start as a new player. No one shoots the same MPR and PPD every game. All players have a high/low range of skill. You should come in at your highest known ability. We allow a new player to shoot 5 pts higher than their rating, 6pts+ over is a bust and any pot win rolls over to the bounty, same event, same time, the following week.

Qualifying play means a minimum of 10 or more games per type, more is suggested. Players might play multiple leagues, play for more than one franchisee, play in multiple online tournaments, or play in Bullshooter Live Remote matches. The PPD and MPR values used may come from different sources but they do need to be the highest-known-stats. If someone else looks you up and submits higher stats, you will be dropped from and event with no refund. 

After you review all the rules and policy’s, verify your stats with the admin, check out the list of events and the daily signup sheet. Choose the event you wish to register for and fill out FORM 1. By filling out this from, you are verifying that you understand and agree to all the rules and policies governing the event. You also understand an admin may post a special instruction, and this becomes policy governing the event.

This registers you for the event you qualify for. Admin will post your verified stats and/or your highest known ability rating. An event will run with 4 or more entries. Submit your payment after the event is confirmed. This will finalize your registration. The registration process for a new player is due up to 1 hour before an event starts, unless otherwise posted on the FB group feed.

Get to your selected location early. Check your equipment and cameras. This can be done by playing a few remote matches. Your board must be programmed with Tournament King. Your responsible for making sure your chosen board is in good working order and has a solid internet connection. We don’t push darts, if your board doesn’t register, its a miss. Your cameras must be in good working order to verify your matches, and you need to have access to this board for the duration of the event. If your bar closes before the event is finished, you end the event where you sit in the bracket.