RDT Information-Rules

Information about Remote Dart Tournaments

Remote dart tournaments are played on any G3 dartboard that is available at the time of tournaments.

Location and G3 Machine selected by players, before getting ready to start your match please confirm your connection prior to starting a match to ensure remote play is working. Each player is expected to arrive early and to play at least one casual remote game to ensure connectivity to internet is constant and trouble free.

Tournament play is not held up for machine internet connection issues. If you are playing a match and you or your opponent loses internet connection, please call or message each other and try to resolve by reconnecting and resuming as close as possible to where you left off. If your unable to resolve the issue than the person or team that lost connection will receive the loss and the other team will continue on.

Tournament Rules

Before starting a tournament all players must confirm their phone number is correctly listed on the captain list – If RDT Staff or opposing teams need to contact you this phone number will be used, in case of board failure or your unable to find your opponent you will be able to call/text/message and resolve any issues.

All players that place in the money must send a team picture to the RDT Admin in charge that night to receive their winnings the next day. If a player/team fails to send team picture within 48 hours of when the tournament ends they will forfeit their winnings.  RDT also at anytime, if further verification is needed of a player, can ask for a government issued photo ID of any players that place in the money before they receive their winnings.

The captain list is available on the link located on our Facebook page or on this site by clicking the link that shows current teams/players signed up. If contact info needs changed or incorrect please contact us using the emergency contact number located on the bottom of the captains/team page.

BOUNTY UPDATE!!! All RDT Events! Half the bounty pot per team going to the team that beats them on the winners side, the other half goes to the team that knocks them out of the tournament on the losers side.

Once all players are registered the brackets will be generated through the Arachnid Software and sent to all G3 Boards. You can access your bracket on any G3 Board by going to tournament mode on the board then Tournament Leader (TKO). Then by scanning your registered Hot Button or manually logging into board using email and password you will then be able to access any matches available. The bracket will also be posted on our Facebook page – Remote Dart Tournaments (RDT G3) – All Players need to be ready to start on time, also need to follow bracket and play any available match right away. Race 3/2 on the post means that the winners bracket will be race to 3 games and losers bracket will be race to 2 games.

​Expected etiquette: Remote Dart Tournament team rules regarding good sportsmanship apply. We will not tolerate poor sportsmanship or unethical conduct and will take action wherever appropriate. Negative, aggressive or abusive behavior of any kind will result in disciplinary action and/or expulsion from any future remote events. ​​

We will not tolerate sandbagging, if you are caught sandbagging or cheating you will be banned from any future RDT events. Your average on your hot button must be accurate and used at all times, and you must have at least 15 remote games registered on your hot button before signing up for one of our events.

Players are required to always use highest stats from previous 6 months from RDT, Local League, or Online League! No exceptions and failure to use the highest from any of the above will result in forfeit! RDT events players are only required to use their overall RDT average from the player ranking database.

Players are not allowed to push or count a dart that was miscounted or not counted at all, due to a board malfunction. Always play remote games in our events as board never lies. DO NOT EVER TAP A DART IN, IF IT DIDN’T COUNT PUSH THE PLAYER CHANGE BUTTON FIRST AND THEN PULL YOUR DARTS.

CAMERA ISSUES – All cameras must be working at all times, if you can’t see your opponent you need to contact them using the captains phone number.  YOU NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR MATCH THAT SHOWS THE SCREEN ON YOUR BOARD THAT ISN’T WORKING TO SHOW YOUR OPPONENTS AND ALSO TO SHOW RDT STAFF TO PROVE THEIR CAMERAS WERE NOT WORKING. During this you can pause your match by hitting the up/down arrow and if that doesn’t give you enough time you can also just unplug your board from power. DO NOT BACK OUT OF YOUR MATCH OR CANCEL OR YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY FORFEITED. Just unplug and then you can plug back in, then don’t log back into match until you have contacted your opponent and they are resolving the camera issue. To resolve the issue they can also unplug their board and plug back in, this will re-set their camera drivers and usually fixes the issue. If it doesn’t they would need to move to a different board or location. There is a 10 minute time limit to resolve this issue.